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Mighty Clean offers upholstery cleaning in Fairfax VA. Our expert technicians have been trained and certified by the IICRC in Upholstery Cleaning. We use a truckmounted system with a specialized upholstery tool to safely clean upholstery without over-wetting the furniture. Our cleaning process is safe for natural fibers and effective enough to remove years of soil, stains, dust, and body oils.
The upholstery we clean in Fairfax includes Sectionals, sofas, love seats, recliners, chairs, ottomans, pillows, couches, and much more. Prior to cleaning we perform and inspection to determine the best method the cleaning your specific upholstery. Certain types of upholstery can be cleaned more aggressively while others require a more neutral cleaning agent, lower moisture, and or specialized spotting techniques. Most furniture we see in Fairfax can be cleaned with the hot water extraction (steam cleaning) method. If this is the case a pre spray is applied first to break down soil and grime, the furniture is then gently agitated with a horse hair brush, then thoroughly rinsed with a low pH cleaning agent to remove the grime, oils and leave the fabric at a neutral pH, fans are then used to speed the drying process.

Fairfax Upholstery Cleaning Process!
Our Fairfax VA upholstery and furniture cleaning process was designed by expert certified upholstery cleaners to achieve maximum soil, allergen, and stain removal. First we perform an inspection of the upholstered furniture to determine the exact method and proper cleaning agents that will SAFELY and EFFECTIVLEY achieve the best possible results for our Fairfax Upholstery Cleaning clients. Next we thoroughly pre vacuum the upholstery to remove dry particulate soil. Following pre vacuuming we pre spray the furniture and gently agitate the cleaner into the fabric to break loose and emulsify the soil, stains, allergens, and stains. After allowing the cleaning agent to dwell for a short time we thoroughly rinse and extract the upholstery with a low moisture tool to remove the dirt and contaminants without over-wetting the fabric. Next we groom the fabric with a brush or cotton towel and place high speed fans to speed the drying process. After cleaning the upholstery we do a final inspection with our Fairfax Client to review the results.

Fairfax Upholstery Cleaning 100% Guaranteed!
Our neighbors in Fairfax, VA trust us with their upholstery cleaning because we stand behind what we say. If you are unhappy with the results following your Upholstery Cleaning we will return to re clean furniture. If for some reason you are still not satisfied we will refund your money, no questions asked.

Mighty Services did a fantastic job and I will use them again. He was on time, did quality work and very courteous. This is a great company that explained all of their services and I knew what to expect.

- Mark L.
Leesburg, Virginia

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